Community Health Information Center

Ways We Can Help

  1. Information Resources » Information Resources

    Located in the lobby of St. John’s Medical Center; the CHI Center is an innovative partnership between the Teton Wellness Institute and St. John’s Medical Center. This free community service has up-to-date evidence based information on health and wellness topics. The Center is open to the public, patients and their familes, physicians, and those who are curious about health and wellness.

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  2. Outreach & Education » Outreach & Education

    The CHI Center organizes educational events throughout the year, including our Lite Lunch series, the annual SJMC Health Fair, free community health clinics and more.

    Destination Wellness Week 2011 ran from September 24th through October 2nd. Check out our events page for information about the events SJMC hosted, or stop by the CHI Center for a brochure listing the complete schedule of events.

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  3. Healthcare Directories » Healthcare Directories

    Between our Integrative Health Care Directory and the St. John’s Medical Center physician/caregiver directory, we can help you find a health care provider to fit your needs.

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